Platform Streamlining


  • AI Vision
  • E-applications
  • Predictive analytics


Fast than light underwriting or FTL combines the latest in AI vision, predictive analytics, E-Applications and single sign on (SSO) security technologies to form a streamline easy to use automated underwriting solution.

First Release

November 2020

AI Vision

Utilizing the latest in AI vision technology FTL can process thousands of pages of documents in mere seconds summarizing all required and relevant data necessary to make further decisions on health standards and life insurance table placement or to obtaining additional documents via SSO for a more detailed analysis.


By creating a reactive application system FTL is able to gather and store all relevant information in an easier to use system. Users are presented with questions based on previous answers to help determine any potential issues in the underwriting process. Previously entered data is also used to auto populate future questions of a similar nature to reduce question redundancy and speed up the application process.

Predictive Analytics

FTL predictive analytics look at 16 base datasets including medical claims, prescription history, credit reporting and motor vehicle records. This data is then compiled along with the applicants E-application data and APS information to make a confidence score and suggest a policy table for the applicant within minutes.