Customer Lead Automation


  • Improved SEO
  • AI-Powered


In today's digital age the idea of calling a business to ask questions is quickly becoming a thing of the past. More and more users have moved to looking for easy answers online. In doing so if your website is more difficult for users to find what they need more than likely they will move on to a competitor. Ava Chatbot helps to resolve this issue by offering users an intuitive and easy to use experience with a human touch.

Ava chatbot is a true AI chat solution that allows users to answer questions quickly and generate new leads for our clients while boosting search engine ranking. Ava Chatbot is fully customizable to fit the needs of our clients from is graphical design to its responses.

First Release

January 2021

Session time has been shown to correlate to better search engine ranking. By using Ava Chatbot users will spend more time on your landing page finding the answers they are looking for, as well as increasing your site's session time.

Ava Chatbot is powered by Watson technology, a powerful AI developed by IBM. This means Ava can learn and grow based on the response given to her becoming more efficient and easier to use. Unlike other chat bots that follow scripts. Ava Chatbot is able to read replies and answer accordingly.