Mission Statement

Sector Six Studios is a New York based software company primarily focused on utilizing machine learning algorithms to help improve outdated systems, user experience, and automation.

Philosophy and Vision

Sector Six Studios lives by the values of being obsessed with innovation, operating with uncompromising integrity, and providing quality solutions. The long-term vision for the company is to be a leader in the machine learning automation space for advancing medical information sharing and compiling through a centralized secured infrastructure along with providing solutions for lead generation and customer relationship management.

Overall Goals

The overall short-term goal for the company is to modernize obsolete systems and to continue to make advancements in making data more readily available to various end-users with an emphasis on user engagement and streamlining end-to-end processes. The long-term goal is to continue to expand while creating a niche standard for how medical records are to be stored, secured, and accessed by individuals and businesses along with providing various solutions that add value to growth and efficiency.

Let’s work together to build something great.

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